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MIke Bickle – Responding in the growing crisis


Mike Bickle talks about the coming days in the video linked above.

Here’s some of the notes…

David prophesied victory in a global spiritual crisis in the end times

In Psalm 2, David prophesied a victory at a time when world leaders would oppose the leadership of Jesus, causing a global crisis that would reach its pinnacle in the generation of Jesus’ return.

  • The kings’ opposition: Seeking to remove the influence of the Word from society (2:1-3)
  • The Father’s response: Exalting Jesus as King and confronting rebellion against Him (2:4-6)
  • Jesus’ response: Interceding in agreement with the Father’s decrees (2:7-9)
    David’s exhortation: To serve God in the fear of God with confidence and affection (2:10-12)