Jeremiah Johnson – Wilderness Training

** PITFALLS OF REFUSING WILDERNESS TRAINING *** “The training ground for all called prophets of God is the wilderness. This is the place where God draws His prophets to crucify and crush ambitions, pride, arrogance, carnality, and anything that will get in the way of them becoming a pure vessel for His Spirit to move through. It is in the wilderness where the personal desires of prophets die and the desires of God come alive. Craving platforms, microphones, and a travel itinerary is crucified and crushed in the wilderness.

When prophets are not trained in hiddenness, they crave the platform and know nothing of the prayer room. They will chase after the applause of men because they have never heard the Father affirming them in secret. When prophets refuse wilderness training, they will desire fame and fortune over holiness and repentance.

Prophets that refuse wilderness training will tear down with their character what their prophetic gifting has built. The wilderness is where God creates a place inside of the prophets for them to carry His Heart without undefiled intentions and motives. Prophets that have been wilderness trained do not fear men, but live for the glory of God and value the secret place over any public space.” -Jeremiah Johnson