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Jeremiah Johnson

If you mean that God is always good, always gracious, always righteous, always full of truth and love, then yes, you can say God is always in a good mood. If you mean God is never depressed, eratic, and short-tempered, that there is nothing morbid about Him, then yes, you can say that God is always in a good mood.

If you mean that He never gets angry or wrathful or that He is never grieved or in pain, then no, He is not always in a good¬†mood all the time. In fact, it’s impossible to read the entire Bible and come away with the belief that, “God is in a good mood all the time.”

Beyond the Old Testament, was Jesus in a good mood when He rebuked the hypocritical religious leaders, pronouncing seven woes on them? (Matt 23) Was Jesus in a good mood when He rebuked 5 out of 7 churches in Asia Minor? (Rev 2-3)

It really is superficial to make the blanket and unqualified statement that God is always in a good mood. Hyper grace teachers love to emphasize the goodness and grace of God and encourage saints to, “Be carefree! God is always in a good mood” while Paul in Romans 1 would say, “Be careful! The wrath of God is coming”.

According to Revelation 19:15, Jesus is described as the one who “treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty”. Does this sound like a fun event that Jesus will be laughing through in a good mood?

Was God in a good mood when He struck down Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 when they held back a portion of the money they sold from their possessions? Was God in a good mood when He told Paul to teach the Corinthian leaders to expel the “immoral brother” among them that he might be handed over to Satan?

The simple fact that God is love (1 John 4:8) makes clear that He cannot be “happy” all the time and always in a “good mood”.

Saints, beware of hyper grace teachers in the Charismatic Movement who are twisting and perverting the Word of God as they create a God of their imagination and leading the masses astray. They quote John 3:16 but never read John 3:36. They quote Romans 2:4 but never read Romans 2:5. We must see the full council of God’s Word restored and revealed to this generation.

With Urgency and Sobriety,

Jeremiah Johnson


Jeremiah Johnson – Prophets need teachers.


There is a reason why in 1 Cor 12:28 prophets are specifically placed in between apostles and teachers when it comes to establishing the kingdom of God and the New Testament Church. When prophets do not have apostles AND teachers as their boundaries lines, they go off into dangerous doctrine and immature behavior.

Prophets have the tendency to form their own doctrine based off of their spiritual experiences. Teachers will call the prophets into line and ask them, “Where is that found in the Scriptures?” Rebellious prophets who answer to no one constantly mislabel God’s teachers as religious and constricting when really they are operating in their divine purpose and function. Teachers help many prophets to realize that their good sounding “revelation” actually can’t be backed up in the Word of God and needs to be thrown out. Just because it sounds good to preach, or even draws crowds does not at all mean it’s biblical. We have truly lost the value of biblical scholarship in many Charismatic circles and we are paying a deep price because of it. Asking a prophet if they submitted their revelation, dream, or vision to someone with a biblical degree or more experience in the Word than them before they preach or teach is unheard of these days.

Teachers function in a line upon line, precept upon precept reality when it comes to the kingdom of God, whereas prophets tend to function in a dream after dream, vision after vision, spiritual experience after spiritual experience reality. While the prophets and teachers each have their own function, they desperately need one another to bring balance to one another’s ministries. The Antioch model found in Acts 13 where Prophets AND teachers function together must return to Charismania in this hour.

Teachers help prophets to unpack and thoroughly investigate the dreams, visions, and revelations they are receiving. They challenge prophets to seek God for more insight and clarity regarding what they are seeing and hearing. Without teachers, prophets are potential candidates for heretical doctrine based off of bizarre experience alone, they risk the opportunity of not being rooted and grounded in the Word of God by teachers, and most importantly, prophets will not grow in character and integrity without teachers taking them to task over whether their lifestyle lines up with who God is and what He has revealed in His word.

Prophets: you must surround yourself with teachers. You are not an island of revelation unto yourself! You are not the only one who “hears” and “sees” God. Let’s grow in maturity and confess our great need of one another.

From a grateful prophet who has had my revelations, dreams, and visions corrected and challenged on numerous occasions by Teachers,

-Jeremiah Johnson


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