The Joshua Generation – 40 points


This PDF file contains 40 attributes of the Joshua Generation…

God is raising up a Joshua generation! They are the ones who will enter into their inheritance and enable others to do the same.

We often think of generations separated into the young and old. Much has been said about the next generation taking over from the old and we use the logical image of people passing the baton in a race. The problem with this is that when people pass the baton, they stop running. In this analogy, we loose entire groups of people who have great wisdom and experience and who then leave the young people on their own. The are then endangered to start off and go around the same mountain with the same mistakes instead of learning from the past. John Sanford recently used the term differently. He said, the baton is a ‘conductors’ baton. This baton helps to bring the symphony into the harmony and the tune that is written for them. I believe this is our day.

The people following Moses all died off in the wilderness. It is time now for us to go over and take the promised land and to help others to go as well. Joshua  is a great forerunner; he and Caleb model the leaders of this next move. This
‘generation’ will not be defined by age but by a company of people who are
willing to work together to fulfill what God has for this time and season.