Prophetic word for Canada

The Lord is releasing HOPE to the church in our region and nation. No longer are we going to be overcome with hopelessness!
We are stronger and more powerful than the enemy wants us to believe. Rise Up Saints! Embrace your Destiny! You were Born for Such A Time As This! It’s in your DNA (Divine Nature from Abba).
The chains and shackles that have kept you bound will be broken as you worship Him! Thankfulness is your Key to Freedom! In ALL things give THANKS!
We have come through a dry and thirsty land but I see springs of Living Water bubbling up. There will be places in the nation where wells will be dug. Wells that will never run dry because they have tapped into the source of everlasting water. These will be places where streams and rivers will flow out of.

Houses of Prayer will begin to pop up everywhere. The church will once again find out the importance of prayer. They will be hungry for it. Prayer meetings will be more popular than almost any other gatherings, for out of them will flow the wellspring of LIFE!

Prophetess Tracey