Revival in Canada – Cindy Jacobs

And the Lord says over Canada: there are many elements in you that want to bring destruction to you now. But God says I am raising up a standard. When the enemy comes in like a flood, know this, I’m going to raise up a standard says God. And the Lord says there is going to be a revival among the Muslims. i am going to begin to sweep this country. I see visitations in the mosque I see God beginning to transform and move, the Holy Spirit is going to move among the Pakistanis particularly. God is going to move among those in fact not only the Muslims but the Sikhs. The Lord is going to begin to touch the Sikhs, And the Lord says I’m going to raise up a love for these people says God for I have brought them here to bring them out to the ends of the earth with the gospel says the Lord. 

… I had a great caution when I flew into Toronto that Satan is trying to stir up some people who have been radicalized. So just keep your shields up will you? Keep your shields up and pray. 

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