Picking up speed in Canada


This article in the Vancouver Sun is pointing to a step to control and manipulation of both pastors and churches in Canada.  By removing tax deductible and charitable organizational status from churches you would shut most of them down – not that that’s such a bad thing – only the true believers would continue to give.   Here’s a quote…

OTTAWA – Former British Columbia premier and federal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh wants a national licensing scheme for all places of worship and private schools in Canada, to ensure they don’t undermine Canadian values.

“We want to know what it is that’s being taught,” Dosanjh told the Senate national security committee Monday. “And if we believe that’s not in consonance with the need to build a caring and inclusive society – a fair society – then we can simply make the law that we won’t give them funds (or charitable status). Let’s starve them out.”

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