Dutch Sheets – The significance of the Standard


In my quest to gain a greater understanding of God’s prophetic mandate upon my life, I have spent hours researching the historical significance of the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag.  I’m amazed at how the message and symbolism of this flag was so deeply entrenched within America at the time of it’s birthing.  I am not a historian, but I would like to share with you a synopsis of my findings, endeavoring to do so through the lens of divine Providence.

I believe the hand of God has always been upon this nation.  America was founded upon a covenant relationship with God birthed by the power of prayer and was intended to be a light and an example to the nations of the earth.

Let’s begin our historical journey in 1775.  The American Revolution was under way.  Though oppressed by the mighty British Empire, and occupied by it’s powerful military, a remnant filled with hope for freedom arose.  These colonists, however, understood that victory against such a powerful enemy would be virtually impossible, and knew their only real hope of success was through an intervention from heaven. General George Washington, leader of the American Revolution, commissioned six ships for the war efforts.  Highlighting this dependence on providential help, each ship was to fly under the banner of a white flag, dawning an evergreen tree in the center and the phrase, “Appeal to Heaven” embroidered across the top.

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