Avoid double mindedness – step into your dream


Good article from Charisma on moving forward from the past.  Here’s a taste.

To dream, we must overcome both our own excuses and the barriers that confront us as we move toward our destiny. Some people get stuck on the way because of events in their past or obstacles that seem immovable. Other people are afraid of following their dreams, so they employ avoidance techniques, busy schedules and willful ignorance to try to drown out the voice in their heart that whispers, “You should be following your dream.”

I have identified several obstacles that can keep you from following your dream. See if any of them apply to you.

Your past. A person without a future will always return to his or her past. He or she will go back to old friends, old hangouts or old habits, trying to find meaning. But when you are drawn to your past, it is because your dream has stopped drawing you to your future.

Check out the whole thing at the link above.