Three levels of spirituality – John Paul Jackson

Three levels of spirituality – John Paul Jackson

Have you ever wondered where you are in your spiritual walk? If true spirituality had a way to be gauged, where would you stand? Is there a deeper place in God that you can live daily, than where you are right now? In this video of John Paul teaching at a conference in England, you will learn the three stages of Christian growth, and how to know which one you’re in. Are you in the Survival Stage, where everything pretty much revolves around you? Or, could you be in the Blessing Stage, where we begin to involve others needs into our prayers, but as far as God’s power is concerned, we still tend to play it safe? Or, are you living the abundant life of true spirituality in the third stage? Does your life prove to others that God is real? How do you react in the midst of turmoil? You’ll learn how God’s names go hand in hand with His acts and His glory and how to loose your spirit to walk supernaturally every day in this higher witness lifestyle.

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