Cindy Jacobs – I AM is working

For the Lord would say, “There are many harassments coming against you. There are many things that my Word says are like little foxes that are coming to eat your vine, to cause you to feel unsettled, to cause you to feel like everything will not be OK.”

But the Lord says, “Remember that I am the the eye of the middle of the storm. That I can cause you to walk in a place of peace while the storm is raging around you. For I would say that I am raising up a shield between you and the enemy. For haven’t I said when the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise a standard. And I would say that there are things that are delayed in your life, but I say no more delay. There are things that are harassments that are long standing harassments. Things that you have said, ‘Lord, if you would just do this one things, I would feel ok,’ well I am able to do that one thing. So do not let fear rise up in your. Do not let anxiety rule your life. For I have heard your prayers.

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