Pastor Charles Remple – True honor

True honor looks like honoring our seniors without having to say today’s generation is lazy or saying this generation will take ground and our seniors are ready for pasture. Honor looks like teaching our boys to be strong without saying girls are weak or teaching our girls to be powerful without emasculating our boys. It looks like telling stay at home moms that they are amazing without saying working moms are sacrificing their children. Honor says that moms are full of compassion but doesn’t say dads are emotionless. It says dads protect but does not say moms are wimpy.

Honor looks at a politician and applauds their wisdom but doesn’t say the trades-person isn’t making a difference. The trades-person works hard but honor doesn’t say our politicians are greedy. Honor looks forward, it’s positive in nature. It looks over stereotypes and sees a real person standing there doing the best they can and applauds them for it! Honor costs you something, something significant enough that you have to make a conscious effort to choose to honor.

Honor is beautiful, it takes a Peter and turns him into a revivalists. It turns a prostitute into an evangelist. Honor values the person over what the person can do. It sees through the imperfections and calls out the gold buried in the depths of a person. It sees society through a lens of potential.