Dutch Sheets – The realignment of the ages


The sound still resonates within me just as powerfully as the words God spoke to me that day. At the very moment He said, “The ages are trying to connect,” I could hear the sound of gears grinding, what you’d hear when a car with unsynchronized gears is shifting from one gear to the next. It’s been a few months since that experience with the Lord, but it didn’t take months for me to understand what He was trying to communicate. The Lord was saying that He is trying to shift the church into a new season, and we must synchronize our hearts and minds into alignment with this new era. Our thinking, and even our activities, must change.

Over a decade prior, I heard the Lord say to me, “I need the synergy of the ages.” These words marked my life, giving greater definition to my God-given assignment to America. In short, synergy can be described as the multiplied power resulting from the combined strength of two or more people working together. This concept—the synergy of the ages—amplified my understanding of what happens when we agree with the prayers, prophetic decrees and acts of obedience released by the generations who’ve gone before us. I share much more of the revelation on synergy in a previous blog, which you may read here.

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