Dutch Sheets – for such a time as this.


As of late, a spotlight has been placed on the Book of Esther and the Jewish celebration of Purim. Even the secular media has drawn parallels between the Biblical account of Queen Esther, commemorated during this time of year, and this week’s bold actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Queen Esther broke protocol to appeal to the king in a courageous attempt to save her people from a threat of annihilation. Likewise, Prime Minister Netanyahu—without President Obama’s involvement—made an appeal to the U.S. Congress to intervene against the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel and the world. In Esther’s day, the deliverance of the Jewish people initiated the holiday known as Purim. While this week’s political events may have prompted me to write this article, the Feast of Purim has had my attention for the past few months.

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