Generals – For the Love of His Presence

Absolutely nothing else has shaped my relationship with God the way worship has. I am not only referring to the songs we sing in our church services, although those are deeply significant to me. I am talking about the presence of God and the amazing dynamic that occurs when we adore Him and focus on all His goodness.

The popularity of worship music and the modern worship movement has led to all manner of discussions on what worship is and is not. There are literally thousands upon thousands of articles, blogs, books, and podcasts expounding on the subject, many of them disagreeing or contradicting each other. And while it is always healthy and important to examine what Scripture says about a topic or to know why we engage in a particular practice, sometimes I think we get so carried away by all the semantics and opinions and debates that we miss the point.

Worship is about loving God. It is about being in His presence—being with Him. And as an extension of the reality that you can’t really love someone you don’t know, it is also about knowing Him more fully and deeply. All the other things that can take place through worship—prophecy, warfare, prayer, even evangelism, just to name a few—are the overflow of hearts that know His heart intimately.

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