Kim Clement – Global Move of the Spirit

The Spirit of the Lord says, “Do you hear what I can hear?” God says, “Can you hear springing from the earth spilt with blood, crying out to Me, ‘Avenge us, O Lord.’? I’m taking the children, and the song cannot be stopped. The light cannot be contained, for it shall spread through the Middle East and My Son, Yeshua, shall shine in Israel as well.

“Streets will be filled with joy. And though they send rockets and bombs, My glory shall survive and I will bring to you My light. America, this prophet has stood in your towns and your cities prophesying life. I will listen to these words; for if you prophesy today what is next, I shall carry it by My Spirit and bring to life that which the enemy has spoken death over,” says the Lord.

In other words, there is another prophet standing today, and there are many proclaiming this is what is next instead of people constantly saying, “America is destroyed, America’s over with” – I say, “Nay!” I said, “I say nay!” A global move of the Spirit is about to break loose throughout the Middle East, throughout the earth, even in Asia. Even Asia will begin to support Israel. Even Asia, China, will begin to support Israel.

It’ll be a crazy thing. And they will begin to support Christians, and God said, “I’m going to turn things around. I’m going to turn things around.” Is anybody with me today?

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