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Nuclear Threat?
“I really feel we must be praying for a real restraining of nuclear escalations in this hour, like my dream warned a year ago.”—Melissa Haskins

Today I want to share with you an urgent prayer request from my friend Melissa Haskins. US Naval warships have been sent to block Iranian weapons shipments, and she is sensing a strong warning to pray.

I’ve known Melissa to be accurate prophetically over many years on national issues. A year ago, she had a warning dream. Though the dream was centered in Washington DC, it seems very relevant to the current potential of a Naval conflict with Iran.

We’re sharing below both Melissa’s warning to pray and her dream from a year ago.

Most of you probably feel the sense of urgency already, and you’re most likely already praying. I hope this will give you some perspective.

Read the whole thing at the link above.