John Paul Jackson prophecy

Highlights from the prophecy…

This is the whole thing.

Prophecies from 2012 happening now…

1. Arab springs start with Egypt and will even happen to Saudi Arabia.
2. The Fall of the Euro. Then the dollar will fail.
3. Assassination attempt on a congress member (Gifford)
4. Prices and Stadiums (wasn’t clear)
5. Israel will strike Iran with rockets. OPEC to prevents sales to Israel supporting nations.
6. New American currency, new world currency, North America economic partnership
7. Turkey to rise up and be a power player but will have darkness at its core.
8. Russia create crisis to spawn nationalism.
9. Russia to blackmail small satellite countries, even Ukraine.
10. they will be blackmailed with energy loss if they don’t join back into Russia.
11. Earthquakes will change the tilt of the earth, talks of chile earthquake. Jet streams will change and weather patterns will change will cause a loss of crops. cracks will begin to form in the earth. Sun will become active and wipe out satellites from time to time.
12. More assassination attempts to come.
13. Anger and violence erupting in the streets and rich neighborhoods being ransacked.
14. Military will be coming Home due to finance issues, causes cracks in our defense and will allow our country to be invaded if we do not turn our hearts back to God.
15. Tornadoes, will need to invent a higher category than F5 for some of the coming storms. Hurricanes over 500 miles wide.
16. Volcanoes to erupt in the USA. The Northwest will become active again and cities impacted.
17. The shape of the USA will change if we do not cry out to God.
18. Drought will escalate in the lower half of the USA.
19. Earthquakes in the Mid west.
20. Hail falls and over 1 foot thick of hail. Some softball size
21. Tornadoes with such force that automobiles become airborne missiles.
22.A Pandemic, the first one would be little but feared, but the second one will be very serious.
23. Changes in the gravity as the shift happens in the magma of the earth. Heating of the oceans floor. and changing of temp killing fish.
24. China to become lead power of world.
25. Commercial paper bubble is about to burst. commercial real estate markets. Don’t buy any GMO Foods, Blight to wipe out GMO.
26. Pray for President Obama’s protection, there is a plan to take his life.
27. Coastal city hit with a dirty bomb. Uninhabitable for over 30 years.