Lana Vawser – Angelic hosts stirring the waters.

I saw the Lord’s heart for the United States of America to be raised up as a flag of testimony to other nations. As much as it is steeped in such darkness and has moved away from its first love, Jesus, it can be turned back, in Jesus name.

The Lord is wanting to bring about a great turning in the United States and set her high on a hill to shine to all the other nations of the world, releasing a Song of Victory across the entire earth that a nation can be turned around by the power of prayer and His people moving together in one accord in intercession.

As the people of God prayed and cried out to the Lord, I saw angelic hosts in the core of the United States of America and they were stirring the waters. They were stirring the waters to bring healing and restoration into the nation. As the people of God cried out and prophesied His words, living in the divine echo of what He was saying, these waters were then being released into many parts of the USA. The Lord wants to heal the land of the United States, bringing life again into places that have dried up and died.

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