Embracing transitions – Cindy Jacobs


If we are going to understand how to tap into the destiny of God for our lives, it is crucial to be able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He makes a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. God’s prayer warriors should be flexible for change as the Lord positions His army across the nations.

Here are some principles drawn from the passage in Exodus where Moses is called to deliver God’s people from bondage in Egypt. They will help you to prepare for the new things God wants to do in your life:

1. The new thing is initiated by God Himself. Although it may be unexpected, the new thing will still be consistent with everything else He has been doing in your walk with Him. A good example of the way God surprises us is in the story of Moses and the burning bush. Moses didn’t know he was being led by God when he led his sheep to Mount Sinai (see Exodus 3:1). As far as we know, Moses thought he would tend his father-in-law’s flocks for the rest of his life.

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