The perfect storm upon America – Jeremiah Johnson

Here’s a quote…

As I looked up over the Atlantic Ocean, I noticed two enormous storms beginning to form. The first front moved ahead of the other. The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “The Perfect Storm is upon America.” These two fronts immediately began to move toward me, and demons began to manifest inside of them. I called out to the first front sweeping toward me and said, “Who are you?” The word “Rebellion” flashed before my eyes. I called out to the front behind it and said, “Who are you?” The word “Tolerance” appeared in the sky.

As these tremendous storms now passed over my head, I violently cried out and said, “I live in the most rebellious and tolerant generation that the world has ever known.” The Spirit of God responded to me and said,

“The former prophets looked for physical storms by which they saw my judgments coming, but in these days I’m raising up prophets that will discern spiritual storms. You must know that the spiritual storms that are upon the earth are far greater than any physical storm that has touched earth. Physical storms are limited to a region of people. These spiritual storms that shall rise in the earth will have the power to affect every area of culture. Beware!”

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