Anne Graham – the end of human civilization as we know it.

In an interview with liberal commentator Alan Colmes on his Fox News Radio program, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz made the bold claim that we are “coming close to to the end of human history as we know it.”

The daughter of Billy Graham and sister of Samaritan’s Purse President and CEO Franklin Graham, Lotz points to two key reference points Jesus made about His return: the restoration of Israel and the evangelization of the whole world.

Lotz was born in 1948, the year the modern state of Israel was restored in the Jews’ ancestral land, and she believes that the generation that saw that event happen will also see the second coming of Christ.

Further, she said that the proliferation of air travel and the ease of information dissemination via the Internet has finally enabled the gospel to be spread across the world like never before.

On the negative side of things, she points to the judgment upon the earth that will accompany Christ’s return, a judgment for which she says that the earth as a whole, and the United States in particular, is certainly sowing the seeds.

“He removes His hand that’s been protecting us and restraining evil,” she said. “And when He removes it because we keep telling Him to get out, life can’t go on as it has.”

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