Facing the wall

Hello again saints.

I have been counseled by my wife, my pastors and the Lord to shut down all avenues of ministry to focus on Him and ministering to Him alone.

By Facing the wall, it will drive out any performance issues as well as allowing me to just be who I am without the need for affirmation from people.  As prophetic people, we have to be God’s alone without being beholden to any congregation or people group, to be able to say anything the Lord desires.

Therefore, this is the last post you will be seeing for a while.

Those of you that know me, I would ask that you respect this and not come back to me with stories of how much you need me to do this for you.
While this website is beneficial to many, it is my belief that ministry to God Himself is more important.  If things change, I’ll let you know.

The Lord was after me for this once before and I only made it a month before I picked up the gauntlet again.  Well, hopefully not this time.

Bless you all in Jesus.