Prophecy for America – Rona Spiropoulos Summer 2015

Following is an important and timely word for the body of Christ.  We must know and realize that God’s  loving and severe chastening upon our nation is redemptive.  As shakings escalate, this is not a time to fear, but to turn our eyes upon Him, knowing that He is at work seeking to turn a people back to Himself.  This is a time, more than ever, in which the church must be fully awake and, turning wholeheartedly to the Lord Jesus, become a day-and-night house of prayer.

The great saint, DGS Dhinakaran, who walked with God like Enoch, had many face-to-face visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ.  In January of 2008, before the Democratic nominee for president was decided (between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama), DGS Dhinakaran, through an encounter with the Lord Jesus, was given this word:
“The next president of the United States will be a man who cares more about making his own name look great in the eyes of the other nations of the world than about the security of the USA.   Consequently he will let down the security of the USA and by doing so many of the enemies of the USA will infiltrate the nation.  They will cause trouble and confusion everywhere.  The Lord is allowing all this to happen in order to help that nation, which has turned its back on the Lord Jesus, to turn back to Him”

Prophetic Word

Rona Spiropoulos July 17, 2015

I keep hearing “Old Glory”, isn’t that what Americans call their flag? [Rona is from South Africa]

The Lord says, “It is no longer going Old Glory because there are things coming to this nation [and as I am saying this I can see earthquakes, and floods, and tremblings on this earth and even some internal wars on this soil.]  But, the Lord says those are the birth pangs, those are the birth pangs not to devastation, those are the birth pangs to something new that I am going to birth on this American soil. The Lord says that there is going to come a time when Old Glory will no longer be standing but it is going to be a New Glory that is coming to the United States because My people are going to snap out of an old reality of Me and enter into a new a supernatural reality where they will speak to Me and hear from Me like the prophets of old.

There will be such a tuning of their ears to My heartbeat and to My Spirit, there will be such a seeing in the supernatural realm, a moving into the place of the supernatural that the Old Glory will be forgotten because the New Glory is going to come and it is going to be like a mighty flag and a banner of the Spirit over the United States. It is going to rise up over a people that are going to be like the rising sun over this nation. They will have come through great trials so that they care of nothing of the flesh. They are going to care for nothing of themselves anymore. But their eyes are going to be so pierced by My Spirit. Their hearts are going to be so pierced by my Spirit , that even looking at one another and looking at those that don’t yet know me, the piercings of my Spirit are going to penetrate through the eyes and through the hearts of men. Men and women are going to be melted and they are going to come to a place where they are going to give it all. They will no longer say, “Oh, I will just except Christ and go to church and do my own thing and have my own way and have my own prejudices and opinions.” But God says, the piercings of their heart is going to be like a circumcision that is going to cut away those old things of the Old Glory and they are going to rise up in a Brand New Glory and they are going to do exploits because they are going to know their God in this land.


Every trial and tribulation will be worth it all. It is going to be like none of these things ever happened because of the resurrection power of My Spirit upon My people. They shall truly run through a troop and jump over a wall; they will not only jump over a wall, they will be translated through the wall. They will be caught up in the Spirit and go into realms of the Spirit where they will see things in the heavenlies. They will take hold of them and be released to bring them down to earth. The earth is going to see those things that they had not even imagined before. Because surely darkness has run and taken over this nation, and darkness thinks that it has won. But darkness does not realize that it is playing right into My hand.


I am preparing a people that is coming into their callings in these last days and coming into the place where they no longer will accept the things of this world and accept the things of even governments of nations, but they are going to rise up in the Spirit of the Conquering Lord. They are going to rise up together with the Host of Heaven and the Lord of the Host of Heaven. They are going to rise and there is going to be a mighty battle between Light and darkness and in those days, says the Lord. Darkness will not be able to prevail because My light is so great that it carries into eternity and it is going to bring eternity down to earth with it says the Lord.


My church will rise up and conquer for I will remove every wrinkly and very stain. I’m taking through a fire where you are going to feel like your flesh is falling off you, but rejoice in it, says the Lord, because it bringing you into a broad place, into the realm of the Spirit, where everything your heart has been desiring all these years are going to take place.


When the Lord started to give me this word I could see battles going on in the U.S. and the flag of the U.S. being trampled underfoot. Then suddenly a new flag was being put in place which was battle-worn, faded, but flying strong, It resembled the original flag of the US with a ring of starts on a blue background, but it only had seven faded red and white stripes. I believe that God was saying in this that what America has become is going to be trampled down and He is taking her back to the original high values of her founding fathers.

God Bless,
Shekinah Worship Center