Neville Johnson – How to survive the end times – Sept 29, 2015

On Yom Kippur this year, the Lord Jesus appeared to Bro. Neville. He was shown 4 Mighty Angels holding the 4 winds on the 4 corners of the earth signifying:
– Winds of adversity, winds of judgment, winds of natural upheavals and anarchy in the world.
– Dark winds over Europe, nations in crisis, exposes of conspiracies; Europe haven for Anti-Christ.
– Another wind: KINGDOM WINDS, a Jubilee wind, restoring wind, empowering wind, a mighty release on many fronts; also winds of death and life among Christians in the next 12 months to 2 years, reduction yet great increase as Church goes through purification, favor, great favor, restoration, reformation, not Revival but Reformation, millions upon millions entering God’s Kingdom, 2 Armies from heaven and Christians on earth who have gone through a purification process, tearing down the works of the devil, healing, raising the dead, doing great exploits which have never seen before. And the Lord looked at Bro. Neville intently, and said, “IT BEGINS.” This is where we are right now, It begins.
– We are in a time where a Massive Change is taking place on earth. This point in history the Whole of heaven is excited about it, we need to be excited too. GREATEST MOVE OF GOD is right on our doorstep. IT BEGINS NOW.
– Psa 91 promises that despite many terrors, missiles, deaths around you, you shall not be afraid. It shall not come near you. (No Rapture before the Tribulation.) God will deliver you from the snares, traps of the enemies. That is if we are dwelling in the SPMH. Dwelleth means TO REMAIN.
– In a vision, Bro. Neville was in a Dome signifying the Secret Place of the Most High. NOT EVERYONE COULD GET IN. It was a place of protection, safety, a hiding place from all the evils, dangers, deaths in the world in these End Times (like germ/virus warfare from ISIS will be greatest problem coz no medicine for it, etc.).
– IF WE DO NOT MOVE INTO SPMH, WE CANNOT SURVIVE IN THE END TIMES. Church is now in the Holy Place. But we need to move into the Holiest of All. Pursue this diligently. Ask, ask, ask. Your spirit must be larger than your body, then no germs/virus can penetrate it.
– Lord Jesus promised that he will be WITH US till the end of the Age, which will be very dark. FAITH is very important in these last days. Whatever is happening, we need to remember that God He will never leave us nor forsake us. The Lord is our HELPER, we will not fear what men can do to us. If you believe this, IT WILL BE SO TO US, FOR US.
1) By having a CLEAN HEART first. This is a process, progressive.
2) A Clean conscience, having our minds washed, cleansed with the pure water of the Word of God. Having Clean hands referring to our relationship with other people.
3) Connect with the Lord Jesus by IMAGINING HIM (our imagination is the bridge from the natural to the Spirit Realm where God is; it is the true reality, more real than the physical. Spirit realm is the main realm. It has dominion over the physical realm.).
Then foster AWARENESS. Include the Lord in everything you do from morning to evening – cooking, driving, etc. This develops awareness of Him. We need to pursue this. If you include the Lord in everything you do, then HE WILL START INCLUDING YOU IN WHAT HE IS DOING. Heb 10:22
WHEN YOU CONNECT WITH THE LORD, YOU CONNECT WITH HIS REALM. It becomes accessible to you. This is the Secret Place of the Most High. Jesus is the DOOR to His Realm.
– HOW CAN WE GET IN INTO THE SPMH? By getting past the Altar of Incense which is much much more than just praying. There is a KEY, to get in into the Holiest of All/SPMH – BY BECOMING LIKE THE LORD JESUS; it’s WHO YOU ARE AND HAVE BECOME, not what you do. When we become compatible with His nature (fruit of the Holy Spirit), then we can step into Him, you are ‘In Christ.’ Now I can go into battle because the Lord is with me and in me.