National House of Prayer: Rob Parker – Canadian Election

Rob Parker just sent this out through the NHOP list. It is so good and worth the read:

He is Able to do Exceedingly Abundantly More…

Here we are a few days after our federal elections and one of the largest prayer campaigns that many of us have seen in recent history. With so much prayer seen in all night prayer watches, fasting, countless prayer conference calls, prayer-walking, etc., it has been surprising for many of us to see the way the elections went last Monday. Saying that some are a little bewildered would be a huge understatement as many people are wrestling through some very tough questions about God, prophetic words, and prayer. We have had to help people with questions like:

Why would God allow a Pro-Choice government to be elected knowing that this would change the Maternal Health policies to include abortion in developing nations?
Maybe prayer is a waste of time. Did it help at all?
What about the Middle East and our nation’s current position as a ‘Friend of Israel’? Will these policies likely change?
Why doesn’t God answer our prayer? Doesn’t He know what’s at stake? What about our children or grandchildren? Will they have a mountain of debt to deal with? Will they have Religious Freedom or will they be oppressed?
And even the gut wrenching, ‘What about your name God?’

Last Tuesday night, we helped many people voice these types of concerns to God without trying to answer any of their questions with a theological answer or a little ‘sermonette.’ It was important. People felt valued. And, I’m convinced that with each person, God will eventually lead them to some very real and important answers to their questions.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Ask the tough questions; call out to God and let Him know how you’re feeling regarding these elections. Don’t try and stifle bewilderment or disappointment, but talk about this. God is waiting to meet with you.

Much More Than All We Ask

For us at the National House of Prayer, we are also processing all of this and we believe that God is helping us to put some of the pieces together. When quoting Ephesians 3:20 (which is in our title), we are usually thinking that He can do much more than we were hoping for, BUT we usually assume this ‘much more’ is in the general direction of what we were hoping for. We don’t usually think of this verse as saying that we may not get anything close to what we were asking! Is it that our ‘asking’ may be more from the place of a real ‘hoping’ than from the place of faith? Our desires can be for the noblest and most righteous reasons, but does God have a different plan?


I think part of that plan was God beginning to lead us to pray for an awakening of the Church of Canada. Sara Maynard expressed the same sentiment to us yesterday, that “These elections could be more about the Church than about government.” We have long felt that the mobilizing of prayer for these elections must go much further than October 19th and that perhaps if we got a government that is friendly to Christian ideology, the church could roll over saying, “Good, I can go back to sleep now.”

We are also very aware that looking only to one political party is not necessarily advisable or even wise. Would any of us say that our last government was a perfect government? I think not. Many of us would say that outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been very good for our nation, but now we need to step up and have faith in God to affect ALL of government, whatever political stripe they represent. I believe that we are entering into a season of God maturing the Canadian Church into a bride who does not look to a government as her sole provider or even protector, but longs for the intimacy of God doing ‘much more than we could ask or imagine.’ The truth is that God will not share His glory with another, Isaiah 42:8, and wherever we, his beloved bride, have minimized Him and elevated government, He will shift our thinking so that our eyes are on Him.

October 19th Canadians chose their government and God will never go against the people’s freewill to choose. We are now called to do all we can to build relationships with these new leaders and to pray that God will bless them with righteous decisions that will benefit our nation (1Tim. 2:1-3).

Shifting Our Thinking

One of the key verses of the Canadian Church, which is part of our Christian heritage, is Psalm 72:8, “And He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth!” As most of you will know, this verse is quoted on our Peace Tower along with two other important texts. A friend of ours, Peggy Kennedy, who wrote this to us yesterday, has highlighted one of these other texts:

Yesterday I began to be drawn by the Lord to the OTHER verse on our Peace Tower…As we know our hearts have been locked into Psalm 72:8 and His dominion…and the enforcing of that dominion (rule) will now be our assignment as never before…However, the OTHER verse has gripped me as never before: “Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son.”

Part of the “historic” that was being pronounced by the media on Monday night with the Trudeau win was that this is the first time Canada has had the SON of a prime minister now elected to serve…So, I began to “hear” so loudly yesterday…NOW, we the Church, must declare over this “king’s son” the other peace tower verse…. and certainly our Godly heritage inscribed on the Peace Tower gives us not only direction but authority to do so…We must call out for righteousness unto the king’s son…Trudeau is in position by virtue of the vote. He will be positioned for righteous rule by the enforcement of the CHURCH….

My wife Fran had a dream about the Peace Tower which took place under where this passage is found,”Give unto thy King thy judgments O God and thy righteousness unto the King’s son.” Ps. 72:1. Here is what Fran has just said in answer to Peggy:

“A couple of years ago I had a dream in which our son Rob was standing on the left front side of the Peace Tower on the ledge of it with his back against it. On the right side in the same position stood my brother in law Joe who is a BC provincial court judge. They were both facing south,
Rob Sr. was standing at a short distance with a camera to take a picture of them. I stood beside him and a step or two back and he said to not miss the significance of this.
When I woke up I knew it was important because of the scripture overhead but I didn’t fully understand the meaning. The fact that Rob was taking the picture was implying that we were to remember this and look at it again.”

Media was even declaring that with Justin Trudeau winning, Canada has our first ‘dynasty.’ Along with him are the 338 elected leaders, of which 197 are completely new to Ottawa. These new leaders, many who are unknown to us, now need the focused prayers of a caring Church. We need to be pressing in for the new cabinet to be appointed this November 4th, which of course will affect some of the issues that are so important to many Christians, like Life, policies around the Middle East, etc.

Lastly, let me personally encourage you to be quick in contacting your M.P. and congratulating them on their win and asking them how you can pray for them personally. Also, I strongly want to encourage you, wherever you are in Canada, to consider coming to Ottawa with a team of people to stay with us at the National House of Prayer. It is from here, that your local M.P. can look up in the visitor’s gallery and personally witness a caring church that will go out of its way to bless their Member of Parliament.

Rob Parker