Lance Walnau – After Republican debate comments

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Christians, especially Ministers are shocked that I post the things I post. They think I am demonstrating extraordinary courage. Actually its the opposite. I am afraid of what I see happening to America. It is like watching someone you love destroying themselves. THIS fear prompts me to stand up and speak out.

No, I’m not courageous – I’m a CHRISTIAN! Most Christian leaders avoid these subjects because of SELF INTEREST. They don’t want to offend their audience because it will hurt them FINANCIALLY. They say in secret that people like me are getting “off” into “politics” when in fact I am being Prophetic and going to the front lines of a major Satanic strategy to destroy the America you hoped your children would inherit.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of so called “balanced’ Christian leaders are actually compromised leaders, protecting their assets while pretending to operate under the guise of something they call “wisdom.”

When a family member is killing themselves, what do you do? They call it an “Intervention.” We need an intervention in the Church world to wake it up. We alone have the spiritual authority to challenge the GATES OF HELL in MEDIA and GOVERNMENT and if we don’t it will be too late for business and ECONOMICS and then comes the Martial Law, the multiple burning Baltimore’s and the new breed of demagogue Politician who emerges from the Chaos. This is what the Harbinger books warn about. I don’t say that trouble is not on the horizon- it is. My argument is that the church is the decisive player in the outcome. It is “us” not “them” who has to repent and change!

I am not courageous, I am a PROPHET and TEACHER. Most people never quite know how to categorize me. I started teaching on “7 Mountains” and “Convergence” before they became main line buzz words and conference themes. I did so because I saw the future.

So…I ask and interview and hunt down quotes from Prophetic Watchmen on the Secular Walls of Politics and Government, asking…”Whats the real meaning behind what happened in the last debate?”

You will find this interesting.

In response to overwhelming criticism that they were partisan, personal, and trite in their moderating protocol of the recent Republican presidential debates, CNBC doubled down yesterday saying:

“People who want to be president of the United States should be able to answer tough questions.” – Brian Steel, NBC Spokesman

CNBC and the mainstream press in general just do not get it. THEY THINK THEY ARE PART OF THE DEBATE. It’s like they are participants also running for President. That is not their role. They are there to facilitate and maintain discipline in soliciting cogent, clear, and concise answers with solutions to solve our country’s problems. In their handling of the debate, they are the problem.

Marc says: “The American public does not want the press’s opinion or could care less if they disagree with the candidates’ opinions. The American public is perfectly capable of coming to its own conclusions when in receipt of all the relevant information.”

Here’s a quote that hit me hard from Rush Limbaugh:

“I want to take you back, before we get into debate analysis, because I started fuming with that very first question: Please tell us what is your biggest weakness. Right then you knew the table was set, you knew what was coming. And it ticked me off that some of our people even deigned to answer it. The whole premise behind that question is, tell us why you’re not qualified. And if there was a theme to this debate last night from these moderators, it was to expose the fact that these fine people, any one of which would be preferable to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is not qualified.”

“And it bugs me and it has me fuming, this automatic assumption that any Democrat, the architects of the current economic disaster, the people with the only fingerprints on this economic disaster — well, at least for the first five years. The Democrat Party, when you talk about Obamacare, there aren’t any Republican fingerprints. We have 94 million Americans not working. We have half the country making less than $30,000 a year, and these people, these moderators, attempted to say that the people seeking the presidency on that stage last night are not qualified? Coupled with the automatic assumption that Hillary Clinton is qualified, that Barack Obama is qualified, that Joe Biden or whoever else on the Democrat side is, offends me and it has offended me my entire life.”

How can we be silent? How can we afford to stay misinformed? Those preachers who encourage you to get “into the Spirit” and avoid the battle outside raging are doing you a disservice. Get into the Spirit and you will get into the battle. It is inevitable. If you are filled with Jesus you will have a battle with darkness. He didn’t come here to be happy, He came here to finish His assignment. “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.” 1 Jn 3:8