Kat Kerr – election update for 2016

I realize not everyone will like this at all.  However I’m throwing it up here to track words about the American Election.  We’ll see the truth in a few months – Geo


The Father told me: “Oh, how terrified is Hell that their perpetual plan for bondage of America and her people is being ripped from their evil hands. Can you see now, the web that has been woven behind your backs to steal your freedom and destroy your hope for a bright future; but I AM changing that and nothing will stop My plans! This is My time on the earth to EXPOSE in great detail the plans of satan and those who serve him; for I Am shaking everything that can be shaken and many will fall and flee from the shaking. I will not refuse My true sons and daughters (those who do not hate, trash or devour others with their words) who have prayed and asked for help from Heaven. I Am touching EVERYTHING and Nothing will remain the same. Things must both be uprooted and pulled down for permanent change to happen and those who do not agree with My plans and My ways are best to reman silent until I Am done for I Am not just setting America up for another Revival but for a HABITATION of My presence and the GLORY.

Pray and declare supernatural protection to continue for Trump, his family and those who will become a part of his administration and take notice of his journey as he responds more and more to My voice (for you will hear My plans in his bold words.) Some who would seek to harm him and do not cease their wicked attempts, prepare to see their REMOVAL. Those who are against him have already put into action a plot against his campaign to cause a MESS UP and make him appear a liar BUT those who create the MESS UP will be exposed and they will have a BIG MESS that they are unable to clean up because I moved My hand for him!

I have turned the heart of the masses to support the All American leader who is ALL For America. If you do not wish to see America greater than it has ever been before, maybe you should consider moving because you will NEVER win against Me. For those who BELIEVE that this is My plan and will trust Me and continue to declare Life, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Righteousness for this country; you will see the hand of your God change your Nation that will then release a shockwave in the spirit realm that will touch Nations. Pray for those still living in deception, that the blinders will be struck from their eyes and their souls will be restored. Prepare to be catapulted into this Kingdom Age where you will witness the IMPOSSIBLE, experience the UNFATHOMABLE and actually begin to LIVE when you operate in the UNSPEAKABLE Power and Glory of the Most High God creating Regions of Light where no darkness can remain. The very earth cries out for you My sons and daughters around this world, to see who you ARE, say YES and allow Me to position you to begin to Manifest. That time is NOW says your Father!”


Final Presidential post from the Throne Room:

Before I share what the Father’s final comments are, I want to make you aware of some things to declare over;

1 The liberal media is so terrified of this man as he is like no other candidate who will expose many things not only in the governmnt but in biased media. They were not expecting what he has already delivered so far and they are plotting together against him to flood FB and youtube with ridiculous stories and lies about him. You will see them coming from everywhere very soon as they want to STOP him. He cannot be bought because he does not need their buyout schemes nor their approval.

2 He does not need anyone’s money and he is not about to throw his away in order to secure ‘safe passage’ in Washington. He is very dangerous because the people have already chosen him too and it is because God’s hand is upon him. None of the elite can wrap their heads around this avalanche of support from the everyday masses. They will not figure it out because they will not consider that Heaven is involved.

3 Remember that there is another still to be included as half the team; the future Vice President (the unexpected one) who balance the new President. Declare over both the new President and the other half of his team. It will be a surprise for me too as God is not saying any names right now.

THE FATHER SAID TODAY: ” Although I WILL win him to Me in time, I have not chosen this man to be your Apostle, your Prophet, your Pastor, your Teacher nor your Evangelist; I have chosen him to be your President – Donald Trump will WIN.



Today, Monday, the Father talked to me about the importance of being passionate about the vision or call He has given us for our lives. He is filled with passionate love for all, even those who do not know Him or do not want Him. He is Love and those who do belong to Him should exhibit that Love at all times, which is why the Word says, ‘Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully use you’. I try my very best to live that way and hold no offense against any who talk harshly of me or any revelations the Father has given me; I quickly forgive them and ask the Holy Spirit to not even write their words down. It is a wonderful thing to live FREE from offense! During thjis election process, please pray for those who are responding in the flesh, that they will learn to walk in the Spirit and clearly undestand that when we surrender our lives to Christ our life purpose is to then do His will and not our own. Even when it does not make sense to our natural mind we must Trust Him that He has only Good Plans for us. On earth as it is in Heaven, Live the Truth so others may know His Love!

The Father’s comment for today concerning the next President is this:

” He will make quick decisions for what is best for America as far as justice and freedom are concerned. He will overturn any unjust self-made laws (forced by the current administration) that have hurt the American people by loss of hope, choice or hindered or stripped away their rights to live in peace and happiness including worshipping My Son, as did their ancestors for generations. What was once considered sacred has now become a crime and treated as such. It should not be so for I have marked this Land as Mine and many have died for the opportunity to protect and defend this Land but even they have been directly scoffed at, belittled and even harmed through decisions of the current administration.

Those who enter into this Land with intent to kill or destroy, will be dealt with harshly by the next President instead of being excused or helped. He will be a man of action so do not expect any boring days once he takes office! He does not fear man or their threats nor is he influenced by the liberal media of today. No matter how they attempt to insult or abuse his statements, I will cause him to lead far out in front. He will be recognized (even by other nations) as a STRONG leader and cause the return of honor to the title of President. He is far from perfect and many would not choose him but I do not choose the qualified; I qualify the chosen. He will make a wise choice for his running mate and will encourage him to have a voice.

I do not always explain My choices and even though I have done so this time, some of My very own will harshly disagree and strike out against Me. It will be like tiny pebbles throwing themselves against a Great Mountain, but still I have chosen him to win. You have desperately prayed for help to change this nation and I Am answering those prayers with My choice for President and the one he chooses as Vice Presient. My Spirit will speak to them and even if they do not always know it is Me, they will not reject it as others have. He will change in time. If I could love you before you knew Me; then I too can love him. I see him through My eyes, not yours and even though he may not be fully mine YET, the devil fears greatly what he will do for Me and for this nation!

I AM HOLY and I have been from the Beginning to the End and from the End to the Beginning and I created it ALL. You may choose whom you want but My vote also counts!” Selah

May the anointing from His words consume you and break any yoke of darkness that you may be free to Live and not just exist!