Luc Niebergall – leadership training.

HEAVY REVELATION: Back in the Old Testament kings were born into their kingship through their lineage, other than three kings that I can think of. One of those kings was the peoples’ king, which was Saul, but the other two were God’s hand chosen kings. Those two men were king David, and even though this second man did not carry the title of a king, he functioned as one, which was Moses. It is interesting to me that God trained both of His hand picked kings, David and Moses, as shepherds. This is profound because God trained these two men to learn how to pastor the few before they could pastor a nation. God wanted to shape within them a pastoral heart. He distilled within them the heart to lay down their lives for the individual before they could have nation wide influence.

I said all of that to say this: If you have a call to lead many, how well are you loving and taking care of the few who God has placed around you? God wants to shape within each of us a pastoral heart to never overlook the ONE. We can’t be so focused on what is coming 10 or 20 years down the road to the point that we forget to be present in the now.