Dutch Sheets – What should you think of when you vote (USA)


Dutch Sheets gives us a brief history lesson along with some great ideas about government and choosing whom to vote for…here’s a snippet…

As an example, millions of Christians in the last presidential election refused to vote for Governor Romney because he was a Mormon. Their Christian principles, ideals and theology simply wouldn’t permit it. And what did those well-meaning, “principled” decisions give us? To name just a few:

• Another liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, legislating-from-the-bench Supreme Court Justice (and don’t forget, they serve for life).

• The prolonging of Obamacare.

• The reversing of 6000 years of Biblical marriage.

• The further weakening of our military.

• The emboldening and empowering of radical Islamist terrorism, including ISIS.

• Through the leadership of an unhealed and divisive President, racial division that has set us back 40 years.

• The accusing of more national debt than all past president’s COMBINED.

Read the whole thing at the link above…