Luc Niebergall – Colors from dreams

Many of your were asking me for tools on understanding colours in dreams. Here is a list of colours and their possible meaning. Colours are very important to pay attention to when we are discerning the language of Holy Spirit through dreams. With colours throughout dreams, different colours could be symbolic of something positive, as well as something negative. Where this list is a tool to help you understand colours in dreams, it cannot be used as a system. Ultimately, we need to learn to listen to Holy Spirit. I hope this is beneficial for you guys!

White (Positive side) – God. Purity. Clarity. Goodness. Faithfulness.

White (Negative side) – Religious spirit.

Black (Positive side) – Mysteries of God.

Black (Negative side) – Bondage. Spiritual warfare. Deception. Demonic stronghold.

Red (Positive side) – Power. Authority. The blood of Jesus, Mercy. The apostolic ministry.

Red (Negative side) – Anxiety. Pride. Aggression.

Blue (Positive side) – Revelation. Wisdom. Holy Spirit.

Blue (Negative side) – Depression. Sadness. Confusion.

Yellow (Positive side) – Childlikeness. Faith. Courage. Bravery. Hope. Knowledge. The ministry of teaching.

Yellow (Negative side) – Cowardice. Doubt. Passivity.

Orange (Positive side) – Vision. Celebration. Harvest. Evangelism.

Orange (Negative side) – Naiveness. Lack of maturity.

Green – Growth. New life. Creativity. Promise. The pastoral ministry.

Purple – Royalty. Identity. The prophetic ministry.

Brown – Maturity. Humility. Meekness.

Silver – Redemption. Restoration. Finances.

Gold – Refinement. Godly character. Finances.

This is from the book on dream interpretation that I will be publishing shortly. Many are based on what we can see different colours mean biblically, such as how there are parallels of what the different colour gem stones represented in the High Priest’s garment, etc. Again though, we can’t depend on a system of what things can mean. Ultimately, we need to be asking Holy Spirit.

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