Encouragement from Lana Vawser


Lana Vawser – www.lanavawser.com

I am releasing this vision I had as an encouragement for those who have been praying for President Elect- Donald Trump. There is such a shaking happening in the USA right now, and the division, the riots, the broken relationships, the mourning, grief, trauma, the fear many are feeling has been weighing heavy on my heart. I feel such a deep cry of the heart of the Father for unity, love, and valuing relationship with and honour of one another above opinions.

Amidst this incredible shaking and division, many prophetic voices and seers have been releasing words on the urgency in the Spirit to cover Donald Trump in prayer and to remain steadfast in intercession for the nation, as the “battle is not over yet.” The invitation from the heart of the Father to come deeper in intercession to see the nation healed. Many have felt an urgency to pray for the protection of Donald Trump and the plans of the enemy to be cancelled in Jesus name and many “calls to prayer” have been released to call the people of God to join together in prayer for him.

That is where this encouragement comes in. I had a vision a few days ago where I saw Donald Trump and the atmosphere around him was so turbulent. It felt like WAR all around in the atmosphere. I watched as the people of God came around him, one after another, after another, after another, until there were THOUSANDS of people surrounding him. They all had their arms outstretched like and there were SO MANY covering him that I couldn’t see him anymore. All I could see was a sea of people covering him and it looked like a HUGE DOME.

Instantly I was given eyes to see and I could see through the sea of people and I saw Donald Trump under all these hands. The more the people of God prayed, the more as the storm raged around, the lower and lower he got to the ground. He began crouching, and then crouching lower and lower, then kneeling and then lying down. The sense surrounded me that through this opposition around him and the prayers of God’s people for him, the Lord was doing a deep work of humility and awakening him more and more to his dependence upon the Lord and that there was a pliability about him. Everything going on was pushing him further and further into the heart of God and his need for Jesus and the wisdom of God.

As the prayers of the saints continued and this deep work of the Holy Spirit was taking place, I saw the wind of the Spirit pick up in greater power and momentum and I saw FOUR words appear over him. The words were VELOCITY, UNSTOPPABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, and VICTORY!! The more the saints prayed and remained in intercession, the more I saw these words being LIT ON FIRE.

I was then surrounded with this incredible sense of the plans and purposes of God to in using Trump and in the USA were going to increase in VELOCITY, they would be UNSTOPPABLE, UNTOUCHABLE and there would be a continual MOMENTUM of victory that would be established in the nation. I was also surrounded with the sense of as God’s people pray, the enemy was being blinded and couldn’t ‘see’ Trump, but just a wall of God’s people standing before him saying “BACK OFF in Jesus name!!!!”

I saw specific wisdom being released to Trump by the Spirit of God and advisors around him, it was heavenly wisdom and prophetic insight that was like Elisha in 2 Kings 6:12, that the very plans of the enemy that are being “whispered” in secret, would be revealed and passed onto him, that would see the enemy’s plans continually shut down before they could even ‘take ground’.

I then heard the words “Encourage My people, encourage the intercessors that their prayers are having GREAT EFFECT. Keep your eyes UP!!!”

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

I believe that the Lord is decreeing VICTORY over the United States of America. This IS your day of victory! As I have said MANY times before, it is not about Trump, it’s about Jesus! It’s about seeing His Kingdom extended, it’s about seeing His goodness and love revealed in the nation, and MANY coming to know Him. Is God using Trump as part of his victory plan? I believe so! Will God use the Church and many others to bring victory to the USA? Definitely! The enemy is fighting HARD right now to bring about division. There needs to be more prayer than ever now for unity and healing. The Lord highlighted James 5:16 and I want to encourage you, no matter who you voted for, if any thing in this traumatising season for many in the USA has caused offense and broken relationships, I want to encourage you, repent of your offense. Value your relationships higher than your opinions. If there has been the sin of offense or relationships have been hurt and damaged over this, I want to encourage you to repent to one another and pray for each other. Don’t allow the enemy a foothold of division in your life over this. This is NOT the heart and intention of God. God moves in ways we don’t expect, and His ways are higher than ours, and the way He moves may offend our minds at times, but we must value, honour and LOVE each other despite difference in beliefs. It’s time to FIGHT for UNITY!

Your prayers for President Elect Donald J Trump are having effect, no matter what you see in the natural. This vision was an ENCOURAGEMENT that your prayers are POWERFUL. I felt like the Lord was releasing a “sneak peek” into what’s going on in the Spirit. I want to encourage you, KEEP PRAYING! Don’t give up! It’s NOT over, the battle still rages. Continue to pray and decree. Use this word as a weapon!

I decree the VICTORY of Jesus and His plans going forth UNSTOPPABLE and UNTOUCHABLE with great VELOCITY in the United States of America, in Jesus name.

I’m with you!!!!