Kat Kerr – God’s dealing with the UN

He is removing those who get in His way.  He is acting on the prayers of the saints.  He is starting a show that will not end for generations.  Netenyahu will be OK.   Demonstrations will continue – overnight He has changed the course of history for the USA.  He is moving all over the whole earth.

WOO WOO message from Kat!

For those who have not heard me share what God has been saying for several years about America, here it is: ” I will not curse nor judge America but I will judge and remove the current Administration that is leading America Into Darkness. America is a Christian nation because I have made America a Light & a Gift to the nations. It belongs to Me!! I will put someone in office who will establish justice freedom and liberty for America and the people of America and my people who have been crying out to Me, to heal their land.” On November 8, that just happened.