Greetings from your humble moderator…

Things have been a little spotty around here lately.  Tonight, I have rectified this with posts that continue until June which should keep us busy for a while.  There’s literally hours and hours of teaching and preaching on prophetic subjects coming up over the next couple weeks.

As for me, I’ve been really going through a desert experience.  The Lord seems to be silent and when He’s not, either I’m missing it, or things are not changing / moving forward.  So, they say “Keep a ship moving in order to turn it” and it’s time to get moving.

If you would be so kind, say a prayer for me – I’m headed into a very difficult situation with my secular job over the next few months, which might last until the end of August.  I’ve great need for grace and my company needs both wisdom and excellence to get through this summer.

Bless you all.  I’m hoping to continue this pace all summer.  We’ll see how it goes.  Thanks for stopping by.