Rick Joyner double shot


Carpenters rising out of the earth

I saw carpenters coming to fix the house that I was in with my Father.

I believe that the Lord is releasing those with apostolic anointing to put right the things within His church.  The house of the Lord is being repaired and strengthened.

Praise God!

The harvesters are leaving the barn!

In a dream last night I saw three combine harvesters leaving their garages / barns and heading out to the fields to work.

I believe that the Lord is saying that the harvest is on the way.  Expect to see multiple salvations beginning to occur – along with serious removal of tares as the combines move through the fields (which are white to harvest).

Nothing shall be lost, a combine harvester, when used correctly will sweep a field clean as it brings in the harvest.

Rejoice Saints!  The Lord is on the move.