Sign of the Times – Earth Changes for Dec 17′


Bonnie Jones – Time to return to God – America

Bonnie Jones shares a dream where she saw Bob again and he was bringing a message to the church in America.  Here’s an excerpt.

I’m in a rather small meeting room where many people are gathered. They become disinterested in whatever is taking place and begin leaving. So I jumped up and told them a well-known prophet would be speaking in fifteen minutes. To keep their interest I began telling them that it is important to hear God for your self. I noticed this prophet nodding yes as he stepped out of the room into the corridor. He was saying, “That’s what its all about!”

Suddenly the door burst open and in comes Bob Jones with this prophet right behind him. It was as if Bob cut him off at the pass. Bob was holding a three-foot tall “Life” magazine in his hand opened to center page. He’s holding it up and shaking it to get everyone’s attention.  It’s a picture of the Twin Towers on 911. He was emphatic as he shouted out, “Mira, Mira, That’s what it’s all about. Mira, Mira, Return to God!”

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