Rebecca King prophecy – 2019 – The year of the eye

This is a year we are too ‘have our eyes wide open’. We’re called as prophets to be ’aware’ as never before, not necessarily to speak but to observe. God has released a new level of wisdom for us in this regard of when to speak and when to keep silent, for it is the ‘year of the eye’.

I have had an encounter with the one who rides the white horse, whose eyes blaze like fire. This is the year that you will experience people not being able to look at you while you gaze at them, while you talk to them, while you prophesy over them, while you deliver the decrees of the Lord over their life. and it is not because of insecurity, it is because of your eyes. There is fire coming from your eyes. The fires stoked in a season of breakthrough, a season of overcoming, a season of trouble….God is burning the rubble of this with just one glance of His eye and this year you will experience the power of that fiery glance. You will both receive it and give it. It is the year of the eyes.

Keep them wide open. Be aware, do not be distracted by what goes on around you. Be focused and intentional for there is a stepping across boundary lines coming for you this year but the fiery eyes of the Lord are going first. Move with Him – he will not take the old path, He rides on the waters and the winds.

This is also a year of great commitment, of consecration. Yes, you have given yourself but once again the eyes of the Lord are looking for and marking those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. So it’s again time to give yourself to the fires of love first and foremost, for they keep you and then the fire of the overcomer will begin to move through your own eyes. There will be times when you do not have to speak a word. You will be moving as an overcoming states person – in this Kingdom anointing and walking away from childish things. You will be able to walk into a room and change things by who you are, what you carry and one glance of your eyes. This year it is not always going to be about what you say.

So, keep your eyes open. Keep them fixed. God has great and mighty things to show you. Powerful things. Your eyes will be able to unlock doors, melt hearts, move through walls. Know your eyes are changing as you move with the King. Know that as you move into this He has also crowned you with authority for this new day. ‘It’ isn’t in the familiar ways this year, it is in the eyes. Don’t use them to look back. Use them as God intends them. Eyes wide open, heart and mind wrapped in wisdom. Love as a seal on your heart…..This is the year of the eye.