Sadhu – Warnings


The seraphim are coming

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Rebecca King


As I was in prayer this morning for our region – Kent – I saw what appeared as balls of fire, round, orange and red in colour , not stagnant but alive, coming over the hills. *These fiery beings were landing in exact places and on exact people. I knew I was seeing a release (almost an invasion) of the Seraphim, the burning ones, from the throne of God. Expect the change that only these particular angelic beings carry. They are coming with purpose.

I heard the Lord say ‘it is time, it is your time. I am setting you alight in the south. Get ready for how this looks and how it feels, as it is not going to be how you have expected! There is going to be a ‘taste’ associated with this season of encounter – almost a bitter taste, one that will leave you knowing that you have been sealed with all that burns. But bitterness turns into sweetness as my presence is established in you in this fresh way in the days ahead.

This is not an encounter that is tame – you are about to experience the wild and loving, passionate heart of your Father. He has come to prepare you for the days ahead.

*no tails (as in photo) on what I experienced

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