Canada – Dominion from Sea to Sea – Stephen Barbour

October 30, 2015 – True North Conference

Recounting a prophetic word received a year earlier while on a private group tour of Parliament:
“So as I am sitting in his seat [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] praying, the MP who had let us in had asked if we would pray for more of the presence of God in the House of Commons. I’m sitting there and Jesus starts to speak to me of His sovereignty. I think that all of us had this sense going in to Parliament of the awe and the authority we’d feel there — but there’s actually a real lack of it.

And so as I’m sitting there, God starts speaking to me about His sovereignty and His authority. He tells me, ‘Stephen, this Prime Minster is not going to win the next election’ and He begins to tell me about what’s coming for Canada and that the one who will replace him will actually have scandal (and while we’re praying for positive), there are going to be things of evil entering Parliament Hill. And He assured me, ‘Stephen, this is part of my plan, because I will have dominion from sea to sea.’

And I think we’ve begun to be afraid of what this next Prime Minister is going to do and He’s saying, ‘No, no Church, I am trying to build something glorious in this country, and I am sovereign and I am the reigning King, and I will have dominion from sea to sea in Canada.’
So as He was telling me this, I actually began to be really excited, and we could feel the anointing of God in our country and His superiority and His power seemed to trump everything in that room and we were in awe being there together. So He told me, ‘as the world begins to look at Canada for all the negative things, for the scandals that are going to come, for the evil that will take place, the world is going to look on Canada with disgust.’ And He said, ‘in that time, I am going to build My Church and and they are going to build a stage for the whole world to see my glory in this country.’

So where we’ve been worried about politics and government, He said, ‘I and turning the eyes of the world to this country so the Church can stand and show the world my glory.’ So Church, He’s calling us to look at this election with heavenly perspective, that He is sovereign, He is reigning and in His perfect and holy plan He is calling the Church to rise up and proclaim His glory and to convey His love and grace to the world around us.”