Kris Vallotton – Resurrection


Kat Kerr – prayer from fbook for Trump’s meeting with Putin.

The Kat Kerr is feeling blessed.

God, we bless you this day and all of your plans you are revealing in this NOW time on earth. We declare that these talks between Trump and Putin will begin a shift in the nation of Russia for your presence, freedom and liberty to the people of Russia in a way never seen before. Put your words in the mouth of our president and impart sound wisdom to him for this day.

We take power over all the power of the enemy (satan) that would in any way interfere with your plans and we command the Host of Heaven to pull down every stronghold that would rise against these talks. Shred every spiritual platform the demonic have been operating from and exposure every wicked plan of man to bring lies, accusations or false judgement concerning these talks. We take authority over every word, sound, image, thoughts or actions of hell. Go Host and make toast of hell’s plans and push back darkness as you fulfill the destiny you were created for; to be a Mighty weapon for us as Believers in this age of Justice God is extending to all of us who follow Christ.

We wait with Expectation for divine restoration in our lives and our families lives, our cities and nations that WILL become regions of light for the Kingdom of Heaven. We thank you for timing our birth on this earth that we may do the Greater works, handle the wealth of the wicked you plan to put in our hands, to be creators and inventors, to walk in great authority and dominion as we occupy for Christ. We rule because He Rules. We say in Agreement: ‘May your Will be done On earth as it IS in Heaven’

May everyone reading this, share the Good news of Life, Love and Truth to cause Hope to rise in the hearts of men that they may know our God is real and that He loves them!

May God show you His Goodness this day of Abundant Life!