Neville Johnson – Our Finest Hour – August version

Neville Johnson –

“Here in the southern hemisphere we are two weeks away from the beginning of spring. And in the northern hemisphere autumn or fall is quickly approaching. Times and seasons come and go. However on God’s calendar, a different scenario is unfolding. So many things are intersecting this year. This is the year of a double portion as well as the year of the 70.  This along with a jubilee year promises to be a very significant year. In a few days a solar eclipse will be seen to cross the USA. Signs in the heavens has always been one way that God speaks to the Nations. This is a year of new beginnings and profound change. l pray that you all will begin to recognize the times and seasons that we are now in and respond adequately  in order to receive all that God has for us in this hour.”

Blessings – Neville Johnson

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Prophetic people challenges

Excellent article on prophetic people and the challenges that they face in relationships within the body of Christ.

Here’s a blurb…there’s 15 more examples…
Learning to live with frustration.  Prophetic people must learn to deal with frustration.  Frustration is when nothing happens or things get worse for the recipient after you give a prophetic word.  Frustration is when others question your theology due to your prophetic gifting.  Frustration is listening to strong prophetic people who are telling you five different and contrary things to do.

Here’s more…
Prophetic ministers seem to have more disappointment with God than the average person. They often see clearly how things should be or how God plans for them to be. But they have to wait in faith for a longer time because they have seen further ahead. They are much more prone to the Proverbs 13:12 difficulty: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Because their expectations are typically higher, they are more deeply disappointed. Every time Jeremiah opened his mouth he got in trouble. He was perplexed, he was ridiculed, and he wanted to quit. Nevertheless, the word of the Lord was like a fire burning within him, and he could not hold it back (Jer 20:9). Some of that pain comes with the calling (Mike Bickle – Growing in the Prophetic p.130).