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It’s time to blow the trumpet! Send Your Fire

Bryan over at Send Your Fire heard the Lord speak a word into his spirit the other day which was basically a call to action.  He wrote this blog post to bring attention to the fact that it is time.  Time to awake!  Time to be alert! Time for the trumpet to sound and alert God’s people to choose life.

Here’s a blurb…check out the whole thing at the link above.

A few weeks ago I was part of a team doing prophetic ministry at a conference for youth workers. After we had prayed for two university campus workers, they offered to pray for us. The presence of the Lord was quickly tangible in the room, and as they prayed over me I heard the Lord speak a phrase to my heart, completely apart from what they themselves were praying. 
“It’s time to take the trumpet out.” 
I immediately knew what He meant. In a story I’ve recounted on this blog many times in the past, the Lord spoke Joel 2 to me over a decade ago, and called me to it in a particularly focused way.

“Blow a trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, For the day of the LORD is coming; surely it is near.” Joel 2:1 (NASB)

Joel 2 is a message of urgency — it is a call to awaken a slumbering people to the reality of Christ’s return and our need to not only get right with Him personally, but to also wholeheartedly seek Him for revival as well.

We’re asleep.

Let’s just be bluntly, brutally honest.

We’re asleep and we barely know it.

Send Your Fire – Coming Revival and Worship Riders

Worship is warfare.”

I’ve heard statements like this before. We see hints at the power of worship in passages like 2 Chronicles 20 where God releases ambushes against the enemy armies as worshippers began to sing and praise. Or in a jail in Philippi when the Lord opens all of the prison doors and breaks the chains off of the prisoners as Paul and Silas worship and pray in Acts 16:16ff.

We also see very tangible evidence of this personally, where worship in the midst of difficult circumstances can help change our own hearts and release greater freedom for us.

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2018 Midterm election in USA – Charisma mag

Charisma magazine has this excellent article outlining the consequences of the election on Tuesday Nov 6.  Here’s a snippet…

“That entire generation passed away, and after them grew up a generation who did not know the Lord or the deeds that He had done for Israel” (Judg. 2:10).

One of our political parties has evolved eerily and rapidly into a leftist-leaning entity targeting and seducing a less-informed generation. Their goal is twofold:

Gain political power.
2. Remove our Judeo-Christian foundations representing a bulwark to their “progressive” plans.
Not long ago, one of their standard-bearers and likely presidential candidate, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said those who are pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and support Second Amendment gun rights are “extreme conservatives” who have “no place in the state of New York.” And do you recall when their current party leader, committed to “fundamentally transforming” America, criticized conservatives, saying, “They cling to their religion and their guns?”

As we look to the future and try to raise our children in today’s confused and contentious society, we’re faced with politicians and their positions that are deeply troubling. Are you paying attention? Christians and conservatives are increasingly ostracized and marginalized because of the biblical standards we maintain.

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NHOP – Legalization of MJ in Canada

Rob and Fran Parker over at the National House of Prayer have this article written for information on how to deal with legalization in Canada as a family.  You obviously want to protect your kids, here’s some good info and ideas on how to do that…

Here’s a blurb…

Make Family Dinners An Essential Part Of Your Daily Routine

This might surprise you, but if you want to prevent your teenager from abusing alcohol or other drugs, then eat dinner with him or her on most days of the week. Or at least this statistic is according to the September issue from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). This is just one finding about the power of family dinners.

This research has consistently shown that teenagers who eat dinner more often with their families are less likely to drink, smoke cigarettes, or use other drugs.

The most recent study compared two specific groups: teenagers who have two or less family dinners per week and those who have five or more per week. Those who ate two or less family dinners were:

  • Three times more likely to try marijuana.
  • Two-and-a-half times more likely to smoke cigarettes.
  • One-and-a-half times more likely to drink alcohol.

Check out the rest at the link above.