Notes on the book of Amos


A very long time ago, I had an interesting dream where I met the prophet Amos.  He was seated at a table, wearing a red checkered shirt, jeans and big work boots.  He had a huge black beard and was wearing a black toque on his head.  He spoke to me and said, “I have many things to teach you.”   And then the dream was over.

The notes above are a commentary I put together with other notes from Chuck Missler and Matthew Henry, with my own personal observances thrown in.  You probably won’t find any great new revelation here, but if you’re looking for a solid exposition of the words of this prophet, click the link above.


James Goll – Prayer – Prophetic and the Supreme Court

James Goll –

On June 27th, 2018, I was awakened at 2:22 AM from a clear dream followed by a Word from the Lord. In the dream, Judge Anthony Kennedy’s face came before me and it was revealed to me that his resignation was imminent. As I was aroused from sleep, I could feel the tangible presence of destiny filling my bedroom. The external voice of the Holy Spirit then began to speak to me. I was told that President Trump would preside over the replacement of three Supreme Court Justices.

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