Carpenters rising out of the earth

I saw carpenters coming to fix the house that I was in with my Father.

I believe that the Lord is releasing those with apostolic anointing to put right the things within His church.  The house of the Lord is being repaired and strengthened.

Praise God!


The harvesters are leaving the barn!

In a dream last night I saw three combine harvesters leaving their garages / barns and heading out to the fields to work.

I believe that the Lord is saying that the harvest is on the way.  Expect to see multiple salvations beginning to occur – along with serious removal of tares as the combines move through the fields (which are white to harvest).

Nothing shall be lost, a combine harvester, when used correctly will sweep a field clean as it brings in the harvest.

Rejoice Saints!  The Lord is on the move.

His head outgrew his heart…

So I’m having coffee with a friend the other day and he tells me this line in passing as we were talking about a brother I knew.  “His head outgrew his heart and it’s caused him problems.”

I totally felt like I could have fallen off the chair when I heard that.

So many of us have this problem.  It’s true that “Knowledge puffs up” from 1 Corinthians 8:1 but most of us believe that it’s the other guys problem.

I immediately came to realize that this was MY problem too.  As prophetic people we see LOTS of things.  We experience LOTS of the spirit realm and hear the voice of God for others.  Without having a corresponding maturity our heads can get really blown up as our knowledge increases.

Pray for me and for yourself that our heart outgrows our head.  We need to love people first and foremost.  The only thing we take with us to eternity are the relationships we have with the saints and the good deeds we send on ahead.  Everything else will burn up in the fires of the Judgement seat of Christ with the wood, hay and stubble of the flesh.

Don’t let your head outgrow your heart.

Mature prophetic ministry – Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

A lifestyle of accountability and healthy mentoring/fathering is required to operate at high levels consistently in the Spirit. Remember, non-accountable relationships mean that we develop a life in God without applying truth to ourselves. We can never be in control of our own accountability without being soft on our own immaturity and carnality. Here are 5 ways to grow in maturity as a prophetic person:

1. Seek constant feedback from the prophecies you give and have a hunger for personal input from leaders. (Immature prophetic people view input from leaders as unbelief, disregarding the Lord, or raising your hand against the Lord’s anointed.)

2. Develop a solid track record with regard to accuracy, humility, and teachability. (Immature prophetic people use their gifts for their own promotion and tend to be super spiritual people who act like they have an exclusive relationship with God which somehow renders them outside of correction or challenge.)

3. Earn the privilege to prophesy in public meetings by your Christlikeness. (Immature prophetic people are prone to outbursts of anger, and often have little remorse for their actions. They have a victim mentality when challenged and justify their poor behavior rather than address it and be transformed.)

4. Be sensitive to any form of personal manipulation and control in the words you release. Test the spirit of your own prophecy. Apply the tests to your own word before you release it. (Immature prophetic people use their gifts for their own personal gain including influence and financial increase. They always have an agenda and need their filter purified.)

5. The outcome of your prophetic ministry in a body of believers is not to be seen as a threat or liability but as an asset and tremendous blessing from the hand of the Lord. (Immature prophetic people rarely build relationships of real worth and value. They minister on their own rather than in the godly confines of a team of people dedicated to a common purpose.)

-Jeremiah Johnson

Support good Christian films such as Paul – Apostle of Christ

Hello saints – took some time to go see this movie on the weekend and must say it’s excellent.  While not for everybody, Paul, Apostle of Christ is a great movie which has been done well.  I thought the acting was well done and the technical aspects of it are very good as well.

There are some very graphic moments in it which are not for kids – some people are burned alive and others are killed in Nero’s circus by wild animals.  However, it really will cause you to question both your commitment and walk with the Lord – which are required at times.  I came away from this movie asking myself – how would I respond to such a test – what is the best use of my time / energy?  If we want to see more good Christian films, we need to support those which are made – hopefully we’ll see more of this and less Hollywood filth in the years to come.

Bless you all.



Jeremiah Johnson – Burger King churches


Building the church of Jesus Christ HIS WAY requires boldly and aggressively proclaiming the full council of God’s Word (Acts 4:29). In the book of Acts, the apostles were very confrontational, trusting that the Holy Spirit would produce the conviction necessary for conversion. They were not afraid of the opinions of men.

For example, when Paul preached in Ephesus, his confrontation with the pagan idol worshippers literally caused a RIOT. (Acts 19:28-29). Peter on the day of Pentecost told the Jews, “YOU put Jesus to death” (Acts 2:23). Talk about not beating around the bush! Peter’s boldness did not drive the people away. Instead, it stabbed their consciences. By the end of the day, thousands were converted to Christ through bold and confrontational preaching!

The apostles were not trying to be hip and cool when they preached the gospel. They aimed to pierce the hearts of men which produced conviction of sin. They didn’t have the faintest intention of asking questions like, “What do people want to hear?” or “How can we draw more people to church on Sunday?” These questions were the last thing on their minds. I’m afraid the American Church is becoming like Burger King. Have it your way!

Peter and John preached the gospel in the book of Acts with such boldness and authority that sinners asked, “What must we do to be saved?” In the 21st century, there are so few bold preachers who minister with authority that now we are surveying sinners asking them, “What can we do for you to get you saved?” This is a crying shame saints!

It’s time for the American Church to move beyond our clever marketing tactics and church growth plans and get back to building the church of Jesus Christ HIS WAY- through bold and confrontational preaching of the Word of God.

A good looking young couple recently approached me at an altar asking for a prayer of blessing regarding their relationship. Expecting me to just quickly bless them, they bowed their heads immediately. Without even praying, I said, “Are you two living together?” The look on their faces as their heads snapped up was priceless. They didn’t even have to answer me. I said, “You are asking me to bless something that the Word of God has clearly already called sinful. You need to repent of your sins, stop sleeping together, separate, and then I’ll pray God’s blessings upon you.” They marched out of that church faster than I could blink and gave me the middle finger.

I’m convinced that if the true gospel of Jesus Christ was boldly preached with authority in many American Churches, they would be emptied out rather than filled up. May our marketing and soulish church growth plans perish and may God continue to raise up bold prophetic messengers that will confront sin and raise up a standard of righteousness in the land. Now is the time to drop the plumbline, make true disciples, and fulfill the great commission. The Church is not Burger King. It’s never been about our way, but HIS!

-Jeremiah Johnson

Bobby Conner – Discover Divine Strategies!

Bobby has a new article up on his website – Discovering Divine Strategies…

Here’s a blurb…

“Ask God … for Divine Wisdom and Strategies!”

“If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God Who gives to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.” James 1:5

This Divine Wisdom isn’t reserved for the select few but is available to all Believers who hunger for intimacy with the Lord and sincerely seek to advance His Kingdom. Genuine seekers of Truth will quickly discover that God has opened wide a door of divine revelation for those who are turning away from the carnal, natural mind and choosing to abide in God’s holy Presence (see Psalm 91:1). 

Divine Wisdom, specifically, will lift us up to a higher level in the realm of the Spirit so that the Lord may reveal His divine strategies and powerfully plans (see Isaiah 55:9).

The Lord is extending a specific invitation to His Bride to “come up here” (see Revelation 4:1) to receive His guidance for His Kingdom’s advancement on earth. Just as Boaz promoted Ruth, from the corner of the harvest field to the center stage, the Bride of Christ is coming to the forefront of human history (see Ruth 2:15). 

Divine Wisdom – The Principal Thing
Beloved, seeking Divine Wisdom is not an option. Indeed, as Believers, we are commanded to attain Godly Wisdom and prize it as a top priority. Scripture instructs us to obtain Wisdom at all cost.

Check out the whole thing at the link above…